Environment Progress: Project Exergy by Jared Groneman

I do love when I get to reference old blog posts in regards to new inventions (see Why isn't there a hold in your ceiling).  Take Project Exergy, the fundamentals of computer processing, thermal dynamics, and home design are starting to get a reintroduction to one another.

"Man it's hot in here." - Your Computer
"Hey, you know about heat too? We should do lunch." - Your Home

The focus of energy efficiency and isolated systems will soon give way to the dynamic and fluid exchange of energies to the locations we need them. Project Exergy is a step in the right direction. The main idea is to intelligently make use of the energy sources around us. While Exergy proposes to consolidate your heat generators (processors) into one unit to take advantage of economics of scale (see pendulum effect) my guess is the future of energy design will integrate and take into account all sources beneficial to the system (multiple devices, ground loops, solar heating, etc...)