Peak Design Capture Pro v2 Review / by Jared

A little while back I contributed to a

Kickstarter project

from the innovative team at

Peak Design

.  The project was a complete success and netted them over $800k.  Their product: the

Capture V2

. It's a quick release clip system designed for your belt, backpack, or anything else you clip it to. Here is a review video we did based on my Kickstarter perk.

After we finished the review we sent it over to the team at Peak Design to make sure our facts were right. They were very helpful and they even gave us a discount code for our viewers to save 10%. Just go to

PeakDesign's website

and use the code "


" at checkout.

I really like their products and they are cool bunch of cats out there is San Francisco. (although I have to say they suffer from the same color scheme issue as every other camera/film gear production company).