Idea - Keep or Toss / by Jared

This could be a Facebook app, Picasa add-on, Flickr feature, etc...  So, you know when Mom gets fed up with how much stuff is in the attic, basement, or other storage space she may have the tendency to throw out boxes without checking with the siblings of the family, or won't throw them out because everyone has to be together to go through them.  This could be easily remedied with a simple photo app.


  1. Take picture of stuff in the boxes
  2. Post them to the app
  3. Share/Send all relevant parties the album which will have a nice "Keep" or "Toss" button
  4. The feedback will be accessible by the person who posted them and they will know what to do with it (including commented special instructions such as "Don't Throw Out!!!, or Why did we keep that for this long?)
This should be a simple enough feature to build into any established photo sharing site, and will make "stuff management" much easier for families!

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