IT Connector / by Jared

 Back in 2005 I started working as Desk-side Support Tech at SHU.  One of the most common problems I ran into was getting the users to remember the correct address for some of the web applications used by the university.  I had run through the usual remedies: desktop shorts cuts, bookmarks, and post-its.  I just wasn't happy with it.  So I programmed a small Visual Basic program which stayed resident in the system tray. Here are the original training pictures (back in the XP days).

    Ok, so I was feeling a little nostalgic.  The idea was good and it did what it was supposed to do, but it was really a winner after St. John got his hands on the program.  We had Special Projects make some changes after it was initially adopted and St. John crafted a thing of beauty.  He added dynamically updating links which we could centrally control. They would also take into account who the user was (student, staff, faculty) customizing the links to websites which were pertinent to the user.  This kept the links list small and specific to the user's needs.
IT Connector Additional Info
He also added in an emergency notification system which would interrupt a user's desktop and display the message when Public Safety deemed it necessary. 
IT Connector Emergency
    It was so much fun seeing this one go from idea to a heavily used piece of software.  We still to this day push it out via policy and there are some real die-hards who love this software.