Woodworking Project 3 - Small Box (Red Oak) / by Jared Groneman

For this project I was already at my local Lowes getting some WATCO Butcher Block Oil & Finish for my last project when I decided to pick up a piece of red oak and see what I could do with just that piece. Here’s the small box I created.

I began by cutting the pieces to length using my miter saw. I then used the router table with a ½” straight bit on it to cut some of the joints. I accidentally set the bit a little high so you’ll notice there are some gaps in the jointery (it was my first time). I cut the rest of the joints with a coping saw and a file to clean them up.

Once assembled and glued I ran all the edges of the box over the router with a roundover bit. Since I made the two halves individually they didn’t sit perfectly together. I taped down a large piece of sandpaper and sanded the faces until they made a nice fit. A few coats of butcher block finish and then I finished it off by attaching the hinges and latch.