Shots: DC United vs Toronto FC / by Jared Groneman

I recently got tickets to attend a DC United game, that of course meant I needed to inform Leanne Elston I would be attending the game. Leanne's a friend, DC United Fanatic, and a contributor to Black and Red United. She introduced me to the PR team from DC United and the next thing I knew I found myself with a pass to take photos on the pitch. Below are a few shots from the game.

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It was a great time. I got to talk to some other photographers with massive lenses and experience shooting what next to nature photography has to be one of the most difficult subjects to capture. I must say there were moments where I lost focus on what I was shooting being more interested in if they were shooting. In the end DCU was not able to pull out a win, but I'm looking forward to the next time when they do.